Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hari nie di officeku ada sambutan sempena Majlis Maulidur Rasul..seperti juga tahun lepas ada perarakan untuk setiap department..huhu..Our Department adalah champion pada tahun lepas,so hrpnya tahun nie kita akan dapat mengekalkan kejuaraan lg..Selamat berjuang geng...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hadiah harijadi Dhia

Ada la sekali tu Dhia ckp kt abah dia.."Abah,kakak nak car nie" sambil tunjuk buku yg ada gamba kereta..hehe..hah ko..Dhia nak keta..kecik2 dh pndai anak mama nie mintak keta yea..for that request..mama dan abah belikan juga keta..special prezie for Dhia 2nd birthday..

How should parents introduce TV to their kids after they turn 2?

Q: I am an educator, and I often recommend to parents that they follow the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for no TV under age 2. I’d love to be able to tell parents how to go about introducing TV to kids after they turn 2. What do you recommend I say to them? A:Thanks for spreading the word about the AAP recommendation; having teachers reinforce this message to parents is very important. How to incorporate TV into children’s lives is an excellent question. I think there are 3 questions parents would most likely want to hear answers to: What should they watch? Choose material that is very safe and warm. Young children are in a very different emotional and cognitive place than adults are, so even though kids’ programming like Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood might seem slow or repetitive or excessively sweet to you, it is often just right for them. Also understand, however, that each child is an individual. Some find Barney very comforting, but others find him scary because he’s a big purple dinosaur. Another thing to think about is what age a show is designed for. For example, Sesame Street may seem like a great choice for 2 year olds because it is warm and safe, but it is actually designed for 3-5 year olds. Two year olds simply can’t absorb the kind of learning that Sesame Street offers, regardless of how smart they are, so although they can copy someone counting to 10, they don’t truly understand the concept of numbers. They won't be harmed by watching it before they are ready, but if they do, they will be bored with it by the time they are old enough to reap its benefits, and they will miss out on that experience. How should they watch? After parents select appropriate shows, they should watch these shows with their children--especially when they are first introducing TV. Young children learn better from educational media when watching with their parents. Parents can label objects the kids have never seen, answer questions, and even ask their own, for example pausing a show to say “What do you think will happen next?” Parents can also elaborate on lessons from TV programs or videos by pointing out similar situations in the child’s own environment. (See a related Parent Perspective about Dora the Explorer.) How much should they watch? Young children have limited attention spans, so any activity should fall within one attention cycle. They should spend the same amount of time watching TV as they would spend drawing or building with blocks. At age 2, their attention cycles last for about 20 minutes. Also, be sure to leave a lot of room between TV time and bed time, since TV can rev kid up instead of calming them down.

Which computer games are good for my 2 year old?

Q: I’ve introduced my 2 years old son to a computer program designed for babies that makes shapes and plays a sound every time a button is pushed. Lately, I’ve noticed that he is becoming more thoughtful about it. He used to just bang at the keys, but now he pushes one button at a time and watches what happens on the screen. For his birthday, I’ve been looking for an age-appropriate game that involves more thought. I have found a few games that are marked for 2 years and up, but they seem mostly targeted at kids closer to age 3 than 2. Do you have any suggestions? Your child going from random banging on the keyboard to touching a single key and watching to see what happens shows the important development of both better fine motor skills and the beginning of his understanding of cause and effect. However, there’s nothing unique that the computer contributes to this. This development could be equally well done with, say, an electronic piano keyboard that makes certain sounds by pressing certain keys, or by dropping a ball on the floor and seeing it bounce, or by pouring water into a sand box and seeing it turn to mud. The computer is just one kind of environment where your son can learn these skills. The reason that the software geared toward two year olds seems better for three year olds is that it is better for three year olds. The most important developmental task of two-year-old children is not to learn fact (which is what computers teach) but to learn how to learn. Computers really only provide tasks with right and wrong answers and thus don't encourage the kind of problem solving and logical thinking necessary to build flexible learners. Instead, they teach kids to memorize and to be afraid of being wrong. That fear is a problem because you want your son to take risks in learning. You want him to try things out, say new words, and play with toys in new ways. He needs to build that creativity and love of learning far more than he needs to learn his ABCs two months earlier than another child. For a birthday gift that encourages him to learn how to learn, I recommend open-ended, creative play options. Try modeling clay, markers, paper, books, musical instruments (like maracas or tambourines), a sandbox, or a building set that allows him to build free form things. From what we know about brain development at this age, these toys will help build stronger, more flexible brains than any electronic toy will. Computers are wonderful teaching tools for kids or 3 and older. You will want to introduce them to your son at the time when they will do the most good and not run the risk of him being bored and uninterested at 3 because he was frustrated at 2.


Dhia turn 2 years today.."happy bepday to you..happy bepday to Dhia Farhana Zahra..Happy bepday to you"..(Dhia singing version)so cutest je dengar dia mnyanyi bepday song..kepada kakak Dhia,semoga kakak dikurniakan kesihatan yg baik,menjadi anak yg bijak dan disayangi selalu..mama dan abah amat menyayangimu..

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bestnyer cuti CNY nie,lama btulkan..i amik cuti direct seminggu sampai 21Februari..huhu..best2..So sempena Tahun Baru Cina nie,saya nak ucapkan kepada semua yg berbangsa cina and 1 Malaysia..Happy Chinese Nw Year(Tiger)...Berhati-hati ketika berada dijalan raya..sayangi nyawa anda dan keluarga..Happy-happy holiday..yeepeee..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

splash @ wet world

Ahad lepas kami anak beranak g mandi-manda @ wet world..Raziq first time mandi swimming pool..Dhia very excited kalo nmpk air..time tido pun redah je..itupun smpai x nak balik..hehe..weeked yg sgt menyeronokkan..xtiviti Dhia di hari minggu.. pastu we all jalan2 @ SACC baju Raziq.Poney tgh ada sales..geram tgk baju2 nyer..i luv Poney brands..and then Masuk MPH Bookstore buy Dhia nyer set membca and set 123..pas tu g main motobike..

Thursday, February 4, 2010


It is important to recognise a gifted child in order to help promote its intelligence,curiosity and desire to learn.Most of these children are never reconised and so their potential is not developed correctly.A gifted child is not genius and does not have to know everything or do things out of the ordinary,such as play the pianoat the age of two or speak several languages at the age of three.They are children who are basically differentiated from others in their ability to learn much faster and go more deeply into subjects. Some characteristics of a gifted child are: * They tend to use very rich language and adultlike vocabulary * They easily understand and remember the information they are given. * They generate a great quantity of ideas and solutions to problems * They have a well-developed sense of humour * They have a great deal of curiosity,which makes them question everything * They usually worry about problems in the world * They adore reading * They like complicated board games * They are leaders * They persevere (they concentrate on a task and persist until they finish it) * They have a high level of self-judgement,demand much of themselves,and tend to dissatisfied *They prefer to work independently and do not need much help. *They are vulnerable to the rejection of their classmates

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Raziq Hakimi 5 month

Alhamdulilah my son now dh masuk 5 bulan..syukur ke hadrat ilahi bila lihat anak mmbesar dpn mata sihat walafiat..ptg smlm i g klinik bwk Raziq for cucuk vacsine 5 month..berat Raziq now dh 6.6 kg..Masa Doc cucuk, Raziq nangis skjp je..pastu sengih2..hehe..kuatla anak mama ni..Doc bg ubt dmm,so balik dari klinik bg susu then bagi ubt..hope anak mama x dmmla ye..


1)Anak-anak sejak kecil lagi harus dilatih utk menghadapi masalah hidup secara kenyataan tanpa melarikan diri dari tanggungjawab terhadap apa yg dilakukan mereka. 2)Anak-anak harus dilayan dengan demokrasi yg bersih dari sebarang tekanan,ugutan sama ada dirumah atau di sekolah. Menurut pengamatan helah menipu diri sendiri itu bnyk digunakan oleh anak-anak yg hidup dlm suasana rumahtangga dan sekolah yg menjalankan dasar kekerasan,paksaan dan tidak ada toleransi. 3)Anak-anak harus dilatih tidak melarikan diri dan memeriksa serta mengaku kesalahan diri sediri. 4)Anak-anak harus diberi layanan dengan berdasarkan hakikat bahawa mereka adalah manusia yg berbeza dari segi tubuh badan dan emosi mereka. 5)Tanamkan kepercayaan kepada anak-anak bahawa tidak ada manusia yg tidak pernah melakukan kesalahan dan kesilapan.Berdasrkan hakikat ini,seseorang yg melakukan kesilapan tidak perlu lg menipu diri sendiri atau melarikan diri dari tanggungjawab dgn meletakkan kesalahan keatas org lain. 6)Apabila anak-anak bnyk menggunakan cara menipu diri sendiri,maka seharusnya ibu bapa dan pendidik memeriksa dgn teliti motif-motif yg mendorong anak-anak melakukan tindakan tersebut. Memang tidak diragukan lagi bahawa kepercayaan kepada diri sendiri boleh menjauhkan seseorang itu bertindak menipu diri sendiri,lari dari tanggungjawab atau memesongkan apa yg sebenarnya berlaku pada mereka.juga boleh menjadikan mereka lebih berani dan lebih mampu utk menghadapi diri sendiri apabila berdepan dengan masalah-masalah hidup yg dipertanggungjawabkan ke atas mereka. Sebenarnya anak-anak yg mendapat kesempatan membuat kejayaan-kejayaan dlm hidup mereka sebenarnya dia dpt membentuk kepercayaan pada diri sendiri apabila mereka dewasa nanti.kepercayaan ini dpt diperkuatkan lagi dengan meletakkan anak-anak tersebut pada tempat yg sesuai dengan kemampuan,kebolehan dan kematangan agar mereka boleh mencapai kejayaan-kejayaan yg wajar.